Gulf Pro Fuels - 4T

Gulf Pro 4T is an ecologically-sound, ultra-pure, Alkylate gasoline for all non-highway four-stroke engines. It is odorless during combustion, and offers exceptionally clean burning characteristics and a long storage life, which makes it ideal for use in mowers, marine, snowmobiles, generators etc.

Gulf Pro is an Ecologically-friendly Alkylate gasoline for 2 and 4-Stroke engines, which burns 99% cleaner than regular petrol. The main value of the Gulf Pro brand are Efficiency, Health and Ecology. Gulf Pro gasoline is almost completely free of hazardous compounds, such as benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons. Using Gulf Pro guarantees optimum engine performance, while also being significantly less harmful to the environment and the user’s health. Gulf Pro is also more stable than regular petrol, so it can be stored much longer without damaging the engine.