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Gulf Pro Fuels FAQ

Gulf Pro Fuels has been developed as an alternative fuel to pump petrol, for use in all small 2 stroke and 4 stroke spark ignition engines. Gulf Pro Fuel is an ‘alkylate fuel’ made in a special process which produces a clean burning fuel similar in combustion properties to petrol but without the dangerous substances such as benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons. Gulf Pro Fuel also stays fresh for many years unlike petrol which goes stale in a matter of a few months. In short, it is an ‘environmental fuel’

Gulf Pro Fuels are made in Europe

The main ingredient of Gulf Pro Fuels fuel is Alkylate.  Alkylate is the purest form of petroleum.  We hand blend the Alkylate product with other components to form Gulf Pro Fuels. 


Gulf Pro Fuels are free of benzene, Sulphur, ethanol and other aromatic hydrocarbons.  These substances can be found in many of the pump fuels. 


The engine benefits from lower carbon deposits leaving the inside of the engine cleaner. 


Because Gulf Pro Fuels contains no ethanol, Gulf Pro Fuels can be stored either in the can or even the engines fuel tank.  Even after long periods of sitting, the engine will start with easily. 


Additionally, there are many environmental benefits to using Gulf Pro Fuels over standard pump petrol. 

Your engine will experience easier starts and may see some small improvements in performance. 

Oil has been added during the blending process to Gulf Pro 2.  Use for use in all two-stroke machinery, including water and air cooled engine.

Yes, Gulf Pro Fuel has a life span of close to 10 times that of regular petrol.  Gulf Pro Fuels has an extended storage time of 3-5 years.  When choosing Gulf Pro Fuels, you can put your seasonal equipment away without emptying the tank, safely knowing they will start again when needed. 

Alkylate is not as readily available as pump petrol.  The process to produce Gulf Pro Fuels is Alkylate petrol has many added advantages apart from the health and environment benefits, these include a better performance, easier starting and last but not least the ability to be stored for years. The process involved in packaging and getting a 5L can from the factory to the distributor or retailer to make sale to the customer is also higher than the bulk supply costs of pump fuel which is delivered in much larger quantities in bulk tankers and sold through a pump.

The Gulf Pro Fuels containers are also steel which can be recycled unlike some less exspensive plastic materials once they have been used to store fuels or other petrol products.  


No, it is the ethanol in petrol which is hygroscopic. Gulf Pro Fuels contains absolutely no ethanol and so has no affinity to water.

Absolutely, no changes needed to be made to utilize Gulf Pro Fuel in your machinery.

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